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Written by David Binns on Aug. 11th 2016
You’ve likely already seen a handful of posts today about The Life. You know, the busines owner that is posting their latest selfie in front of their new Yacht (what they didn't tell you is that they rented it to take that photo). 

How opulent.

My good friend Josh Broun is the exact opposite. Josh is humbly one of the most unassuming Men I have ever met. 

Day-by-day he is building an empire with one of the world's most famous brands and product creators. 

You see, Josh had a vision and that vision matched a huge void in the marketplace. 

I've learned a lot from Josh. A ton actually. 

I used to be the "look at me" and "look how great I am" kind of guys. All that brought me was unfulfillment and misery. I was always looking outside of myself for that next diet, magic pill, happiness, fulfillment, and joy. 

I learned the hard way. Health and wellness is an internal game. Period. The End. 

What do I mean by an internal game?

I mean that our past trauma and pain, big or small, dictate our present emotional state which then drives our behavior and actions. 

Here is an example from my life. 

I was 50lbs overweight. 

The excess weight on my body was directly linked to me not loving myself. I was living a lie and I knew it. I was chasing the Ego of the real estate business. I was chasing being at the TOP, MORE, BIGGER, The Rolex, the fancy car, Deals..Deals..Deals...


I always knew since I was a young boy that I wanted to be access for people's personal fulfillment and transformation.

And, I wasn't doing that. 

Back to Josh. 

Josh has this calm, focused and light energy about him. 

As you get to know me, you get that I love being successful in business and if my heart isn’t filled up to the brim I’m not my best self. No business success will ever replace the experience of having a full heart. Ever.

This is a problem in business for Men. There is the facade being presented to the marketplace that as people in the business we are all living the good life.

This is Not. The. Case.

Being a High-Performing Man in business is very lonely. You wake up and it’s you, you and you. No one is coming.

The business culture pulls for a culture of the “good life.” Constant talk about mindset, abundance, travelling… What’s often referred to as the “Instagram Life.”

What’s being brushed away and avoided is the mental and physical health of real estate professionals.

This is a theme in the industry. Mental health, divorce rates and more are at alarming rates in this industry.

Professionals in the industry are regularly reaching out to me for advice because they’ve seen the radical shift in the way I do business.

The main shift is that I come first, not the calls, emails, texts.


If I’m no good for myself than I can’t be there for anyone else. I can’t bring my best Self to my clients and the trust they have put in me if I’m not taking care of #1.

How I do this is actually quite simple. One of the pitfalls of the modern age is we over complicate essentially everything.

Here are a few way that I manage my well-being so I can perform at my best:
➡️ Regular meditation ideally for 45 minutes a day. Yes this is a long time and I've been meditating for 6+ years.
➡️ Regular exercise. This can include walking, lifting weights or a class
➡️ Food is fuel, treat it as such
➡️ Boundaries. Unless I am working on an active deal then I will not pick up the phone or answer email past 8:00pm at night. Even that is a stretch. I work regular business hours and of course I adjust as needed.
➡️ I set intentions vs. chasing goals….More to come on this one…

We all know that our physical and mental well-being is priority #1 yet the we allow the deals, deals, deals mentality to dictate our lives.

Its not until a major incident in life occurs that wakes us up until we take responsibility for ourselves.

I had mine.

Will you have yours?

You don’t have too.

Pick one thing from the above list and start today. Just one…Work with it, play with is and allow yourself to be your best Self.

David Binns

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